Image 2 Plane Plugin Product Case


Image 2 Plane lets you take a folder of images on your computer and imports them in Cinema 4D right into your 3D scene in one click! Work with your photos in a whole new dimension with this simple but powerful plugin and unleash the creative potential of teleporting your images directly into your 3D world!

Image 2 Plane Core Features

  • Rewritten from the ground up
  • Import endless amounts of images into your scene instantly
  • All new complete collage making system
  • Create plane layouts and auto-populate them with your images
  • New Position Effector allows easy compatibility with fields
  • New Reload feature makes it easy to test different settings
  • Enhanced image filter selection by file type and/or filename
  • Compatible with most 3rd party renderers
  • Tested and working up to C4D 2023
Cinema 4D Image 2 Plane Plugin User Interface


Getting images into your scene is incredibly easy! Just click “Import Folder” in the plugin interface and within seconds watch your images appear in your viewport. There’s no faster and easier way to get images into your scene!

Cinema 4D interface showing images being imported into Scene
Cinema 4D interface showing I2P effector offsetting planes


Want your images lined up? When selected in the plugin interface the I2P Effector is automatically attached to the Cloner containing your images and will line them up next to each other with a gap that is easily adjustable in the Cloner Object.


If you already have materials with images in the color or luminance channels loaded into your scene you can convert them to image planes with the correct size ratio in one click using the “Materials to Plane” button in the Hide and Seek interface.

Cinema 4D interface showing importing of scene materials into planes
Large Grid of Materials in the Cinema 4D interface


Having the option to import images instantly opens up a new playground for artist to work with. Now you don’t have to let the painful task of mass importing images stop you from exploring creatively!

Enhance your creative workflow with IMAGE 2 PLANE 2.0

Tested and working up to C4D 2023

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