Having portable, accessible power is something that could save your bacon one day. Power banks in the past typically focus on charging your cell phone but more modern advancements in battery tech have now allowed us to bring an entire wall outlet with us wherever we go! This power bank from Rav Power is less than 6 inches long and 3 inches wide which is a perfect size to throw in a backpack or small bag.


Big Things Come In Small Packages

Don’t let the small size fool you this little brick packs a punch, it can charge a 2015 Macbook in 2 hours and has enough capacity to fully charge a high-end cell phone 4 times. You don’t have to just think of computers, you can charge things like your Nintendo Switch, drones, cameras, power lights, the applications are endless. On top of that, it charges those devices super fast with its Quick Charge 3.0 capabilities. It features a built-in fan as well to keep it from overheating with excessive use.

Final Verdict

In our digital world with complete reliance on our charged devices to guide us and entertain us having backup power seems essential. Having backup when traveling in uncertain territory is even more essential. With its reasonable price and powerful, speedy charging, it’s something to consider if you a tech-oriented individual like myself!


Probably best to read the page for specs on this. PAGE LINK

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