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Quick Matte Pro Plugin for Cinema 4D

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Hide And Seek Plugin for Cinema 4D

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Quick Matte Pro

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Hide And Seek Plugin for Cinema 4D

Interactive Squish

Your custom icons are a Godsend and are much appreciated!

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Beau - VP of Business @ TurboSquid

You, Sir, are my hero!!

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Tobias - Drop To Floor Plugin

Brilliant idea, and very simple to execute, thank you for that!

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Will - Custom Depth Map Quick Tip

Worked perfectly, and saved a ton of time for sure. Keep up the great work!

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Jonathan - Image2Plane Plugin

Delivered a spot-on script exactly the way I had envisioned it. Happy to have a personal C4D coder!

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Perry - Custom Script

Great Plugin!! Thanks from FXmovement!

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Pedrofx - Modeling Cam Preset

That is just incredibly useful! I have been missing this natively in Cinema.

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Husse - Quick Matte Pro Plugin

I've learned so much through your blog, thanks!

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Sergio - Blog Visitor