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Model Fonts

The Alpha Pixel Model Font system is designed to give you the best of everything when working with 3D type in Cinema 4D. You get perfect edge flow combined with a plugin system that will let you easily customize the look of your type in ways no other system can. Brains and Beauty all in one package!

Model Fonts Core Features

  • Professionally modeled fonts
  • Upper case, lower case, and special characters included with each font
  • Instantly generate your message
  • Simple and powerful plugin interface
  • Intuitive type adjustments in the viewport
  • Customize the look and feel of your type
  • Bake the results in one click
  • Growing font selection
  • Plugin included with every font purchase


Each font has been hand modeled with the users needs in mind. Bend, twist, and squish your fonts to your hearts desire!

Cinema 4D Model Font Instant Type Generator


The inital plugin menu lets users input their message and choose a font from the dropdown menu to instantly generate font geometry ready for tweaking.

Kern, Track, Scale

Once your type is generated you can customize your look by adjusting the kerning and individual letter scale right in the viewport. Then adjust the overal tracking in on the tag plugin.

Cinema 4D Model Font Kerning
Cinema 4D Font Type Geometry Rounding Reflections

Customize it all!

In addition to standard font adjustments you can customize your fonts Bevel and Face Rounding to catch the most reflections from your environment while Subdivision and Thickness controls will give you the geometry you need for ideal deformations.

Bake The Results!

For even more versitility you can bake your letters down into individual polygon objects in one click to be used anywhere within Cinema 4D.


(Numbers and Special Characters Included)


(Numbers and Special Characters Included)

More Fonts Coming Soon!

Model Fonts Overview Video

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