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Cinema 4D and After Effects seem to go hand in hand these days, so why can’t they communicate better? Sure there has been progress with things like the Cineware Plugin and the Compositing Output settings in C4D’s render settings but still they leave some things to be desired. I think that desire is now a reality with Lasse Lauch’s new plugin AEC4D Pro to bridge the gap when sending 3D information to After Effects seamlessly. Not only is it quick and intuitive it also allows for easily making tweaks to the data when you need to update something. On top of that you are able to load up your rendered image sequences into AE right from Cinema! This is the second version of the plugin, hence the Pro status. I already thought his first round was great, but this up there with essential status for motion graphics users. Head over to AE scripts and check it out! (and no, i’m not an affiliate. Just a fan:)

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