Merk AI Image Generator for Cinema 4D Airen 4D

Airen 4D

Airen 4D is an image generator plugin that creates image based on objects in your scene. Using a combination of simple objects and AI prompts you will be able to create images faster and then ever before. Take your creativity to new worlds with Airen 4D coming soon, Pre-Order now!

Airen 4D Core Features

  • AI inside of Cinema 4D!
  • AI Render Engine that creates images based on your 3D scene
  • Use Prompts to get a specific look
  • Generate HDRI maps and other textures right inside C4D
  • Change the scene and get instant updates on your image output
  • More features to come!
  • Currently Only Compatible With Windows

Simple To Complex

Simple geometry combined with an AI text prompt gives you a level of control never seen before in a 3D application.

Endless Creativity

The AI will analyze your 3D scene to create detail without users needing to model or texture.

Create Textures and HDR Maps

Create textures for your objects or create HDR images to light your scene! Just enter a prompt and it will generate your texture or HDR instantly.

Airen 4D HDR Image Texture Map

Lots More To Come

These images are early version of the plugin and represent a small portion its final capabilities. Check back for the latest info on Airen 4D updates.

Currently Only Compatible With C4D On Windows

Developed By Merk Vilson

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