C4D Script: Text Object Renamer

This free Cinema 4D Script will automatically rename your text objects to the name inside the text field. This makes finding these objects in the object manager much easier!

By default, the script will only modify the objects you select. If you hold SHIFT while activating the script it will change all text objects in your scene. Don’t worry you can undo this if needed.

Each time you use the script it will prompt you for how many characters you want to limit the name change to. If you had a whole sentence in one of the Text Objects you wouldn’t want that to be the name in the object manager, instead you would want a short preview. The default is limited to 20 characters.

For Instructions on how to install head over to our short guide on installing scripts in Cinema 4D.


Change Log:

May 9th 2023 – C4D Text Renamer Script Created