Tetris Lights

For all you gamers out there here is some fun lighting that will bring you back to the classics. The Tetris Stackable Light is a pretty clever system where the blue brick is your base and gets the charge from an outlet then the rest of the bricks can be stacked in any way and as long as the metal rails on the edges touch they will glow. It’s a fun piece of inspiration to keep the workspace playful. Rearranging the bricks can even be a nice way to take a break and give your mind a little challenge(at least that’s how I justified the purchase). Dimensions can vary depending on your configuration but the bricks are 2-inches thick and are each about 5-inches wide with a total of 7 bricks.

Multicolor Cube Light

I like to think this light represents a pixel and all the crazy colors I put into the site. This little 4-inch cube light is wireless and can rotate through colors or stay one solid color. It comes with a remote and is dimmable so it’s not too distracting. It has a bunch of modes like flash, strobe, fade, and smooth to cycle through colors. Simple but aesthetically pleasing!

Monitor Backlighting

These puck lights make for great monitor backlighting in the evening while also keeping my eye’s from hurting from looking at only a bright monitor light. They also keep a nice moody vibe around me with the other lights mentioned above. They are multicolor and offer identical options to the cube light in the previous light with smooth transitions between colors as well as solid colors. Since they sit behind my monitors I don’t have to look at the cables that come off of them which falls in line with an overall goal of reducing visual clutter!


I just want to be clear, I don’t own this light, but I want to. It’s on here simply because it’s badass. The Hypnocube comes with a price tag of over $100 which when you read the details about it aren’t too surprising. It has 64 3-color LEDs, 51 visualizations, numerous timing and transition effects, and looks absolutely amazing. Since I can’t speak to it personally I’ll leave it at that. My only concern is I wouldn’t get any work done because I’d be watching it constantly!

Final Verdict

These are probably not the best lights out there, but they serve the purpose of creating a mood around us that can nurture our creative abilities. I would love to hear, or better yet see what lighting setups you all have to help you stay creative that could be added to the list!