There’s an endless sea of keyboards on the market these days, a lot of them come with all kinds of bells and whistles like lights, special keys, device inputs, Bluetooth, etc. While some people may be in the market for a $100+ keyboard the Satechi Aluminum Keyboard is slim, sleek, affordable, and reliable.

Simple, Elegant, Reliable

It may seem crazy that I’m recommending a wired keyboard in 2021, at the same time I don’t really see the need for wireless unless you are using it with a tablet or TV. I’m sure there are reliable wireless keyboards out there but it’s risky to take a chance on it for such little gain. Wireless needs to be charged, within range, and sometimes in direct line of sight of the computer. With wired I’m never losing connection. This keyboard doesn’t have a lot of extras but it is nice looking, low profile, and feels great. It’s geared towards Mac users but is also compatible with windows. The bottom row keys(spacebar, cmd, alt, etc) all have a convex build to them while the rest of the keys are concave giving a nice feel all around.

Going All Out?

If you are in the bells and whistles crowd check out its more advanced version that is wireless, has backlit keys, and also has dedicated customizable Bluetooth hotkeys for quick connections to devices like your phone, tablet, or TV to be able to quickly type on. That’s a pretty cool feature:)

Final Verdict

Hopefully, someday we will get around the need for keyboards all together but until then I will settle for something that functions well and is nice looking whether that’s the basic or advanced version of this keyboard. I personally use this with my laptop which I keep in “clamshell” mode for use with my dual monitor setup. Let me know what keyboard your use and love below, and if you are in the market for one see more details on this Satechi keyboard in the link below!


The Satechi Keyboard is geared toward Macs but is also compatible with PC and has a USB-A connection type.

If you have suggestions for similar products leave them in the comments!