The Nintendo Switch is about as portable as you can get being that it can both dock and be a handheld gaming system. However, if you are wanting to bring your Switch to a friend’s house or just to another TV in your own home having a little portable dock comes in very handy. It may not be a big deal to some but I have my main dock connected to ethernet as well as a charging dock for the controllers in a sea of other cords that go along with a TV. This little dock by Ikedon is the perfect inexpensive solution for that while adding a few surprises.


Better and Smaller

This dock does all the same things the original dock does with a few added benefits. One, it keeps a lower profile and avoids scratching your screen unlike if you were to hastily place your Switch in the original dock which is like placing a pop-tart in a toaster. This dock lets the screen be visible and also adds the option to adjust the tilting angle so you can see the screen better if playing it on the switch screen while it’s docked which is a great feature and I’m surprised the Nintendo version doesn’t have that feature. It features the same ports as the original, 2 USB-A ports, 1 HDMI port, and one USB-C charging port along with a one-push power button. One thing to note is that for some reason an AC adapter to power the dock isn’t included, however, there are plenty of options such as this one from YCCTEAM. This dock is nearly able to fit in your pocket it’s so small which means it’s the perfect dock to float around if you ever need to switch locations while leaving your main dock set up and ready.

Final Verdict

With all that this dock adds it may very well be a consideration as a primary dock. Although I do like that the original hides the ports in the back so I can plug in my ethernet cable and controller charging dock cable. However, the size, price, and added features make this dock something worth considering if you are looking to quickly set up elsewhere!


Works with the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.