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Tetris! Need I say more? We’ll take a look at creating everything from constructing the bricks to creating a random brick dropping animation natively inside of Cinema 4D quickly. Then we’ll fine tune the animation with some tools included in the scene file.

The tool included in the scene file is a Mograph Weight Modifier built with Xpresso that lets you keyframe the weighting of individual elements based on their index numbers. This probably sounds more complicated then it is but once you see it done in the tutorial it won’t be a problem. The reason we need this is that Mograph isn’t perfect and therefore let’s some bricks intersect others or top bricks land before the bottom bricks do. In these cases we need the help of this simple weight modifier to hold back some bricks until it’s their turn to drop. I tried to find a more automated way to do this but this work around was the simplest. If you have questions just comment below. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. This is a fun setup. Thanks for the tutorial and scene file. If you want to get the traditional Tetris brick look just edit the attributes on the Bevel Deformer a little bit. Change the component mode to Polygons, type C1 or C2 for your cap selection, and then go to the Polygon Extrusion tab to change the max angle to 0. You can also adjust the extrusion there if you like. Thanks again!

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