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Updated for R20+

Here is a simple but very useful tool for Cinema 4D that turns objects on and off easily without keyframes. I find myself trying to hide and reveal objects all the time, and its a pain to have to keep track of all those little keyframes. Well with ON/OFF Switch simply add the tag to an object and just punch in a keyframe to switch the visibility and DONE! Its a pretty straight forward preset but here’s a breakdown of the option’s anyway. The newest feature is the added Invert option on the link objects, check out the description below.

Start : You guessed it! Sets the start visibility of the object to On or Off

Affect: Here are some options of how the tag affects your objects visibility.

# of Switches: Sets the number of switches you want active. If your switch is set to 2, only switches 1 and 2 will be active and the rest will be ignored.

Switch: These are the switches that will turn your object on or off at the frame you enter.

Link Objects: Here you can drag other objects or a null with a bunch of objects in and make them hidden/revealed on the same frames. This is useful if you’re changing values a lot, so you don’t have to go in to a bunch of these tags and change them all.

*NEW * InvertThis will invert the visibility of your link object to the main object. So if you want to do a quick swap of an object(s) on the same frame you can do it here without having to add another Xpresso Tag.

***Note: Setting the Affect mode to neither is a useful way to reveal the object even if all of your switch frames are set.

Install: Just open the file, select the tag, and in Object Manager select File->Save Tag Preset. When you need it again select your object, then select File->Load Tag Preset->User->Tags->ON-OFF Switch. Done!


  1. This is awesome. I’m wondering… if you hit this switch when you move objects out of view, will your render times decrease? Doesn’t C4D calculate the entire scene and not just what’s in front of the camera? Or am I mistaken. Anyways, this is awesome. Thanks for the sweet tools!

  2. If items are hidden in the viewport then render times will decrease and viewport performance will increase. No problem, happy you’re enjoying them!

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