Hard drive space is cheap these days, but SSD hard drive space is still pretty costly. To help save the need for a massive hard drive we can utilize programs like Daisy Disk to free up space on our drives. It’s time-consuming to look around for the files that are bogging down your drive, that’s where Daisy Disk comes in and gives you a beautiful visual representation of your entire drive or even just a single folder.


As Simple As It Gets

Just select a drive or folder and hit “Scan” and let the program quickly analyze the hard drive space. Then you get a nice-looking visual of how your drive is broken up. You can hover over any of the sections to see what files or folders are inside and click on them to go in further. Once you find files or folders you can get rid of you can drag them into the lower right corner where they are “collected”. You can keep adding to your removal collection and review it before you toss it all and free up some space. That’s really all there is to it. There are almost no other options, just drag, drop, delete. Simple!


Final Verdict

Daisy Disk takes care of a sometimes difficult but necessary task in a beautiful way. On top of saving space on your immediate desktop, you also stop yourself from needing more backup space either on the cloud or a simple backup drive as well. While it’s not free it certainly isn’t expensive, at last check, it was $10. So far I haven’t run into a feature I wished it had, I highly recommend taking a look if your hard drive is in need of a diet.


Daisy Disk is only available for Mac. However, there are great PC alternatives such as WinDirStat which I used and loved as a PC user. The interface is not as beautiful but it’s free!

If you have suggestions of similar programs leave them in the comments!