In a day in age when backups are abundant, it’s important to make sure they sharer the same information or at least share the information you want them to. Free File Sync is a program that can do that effortlessly. It’s a lot to look at but when you dig in it’s actually very simple although it does have very complex options if you need them. There are certainly other programs whose sole task is to clone one drive to another but I was looking for something that could handle specific folders.

Simple At Heart

As mentioned above if you look at a screenshot of this program you may go cross-eyed at all the buttons, text, and icons but it is truly simple when you understand it. You just need to specify the two folders you want it to look at and hit “Compare” then it will take a few seconds(very quick!) to analyze the folders or drives and offer you a look at what files will be transferred, what files are the same, and what files are the same but have different file sizes with options to uncheck any grouping. Once your happy just hit the “Synchronize” button and you’re off!

Feature Packed

If you want to dig in this program has about every feature you could want from filtering file types to real-time syncing to syncing files on your cloud storage. I haven’t used 95% of them but it’s nice to know there is control if it’s needed.

Final Verdict

I’m honestly not sure how this program is free, I would gladly pay for an application like this. If you do use it I suggest donating some money as I have, there is actually a donation edition with even more features if you are interested. Head over to the site in the link below and give it a look!


As the name implies FreeFileSync is FREE and is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Throw in a donation and support the people that make your life easier!

If you have suggestions of similar programs leave them in the comments!