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Cinema 4D interface menu with a list of viewport filter display objects

Cinema 4D’s interface and UI customizability is amazing in my opinion. However, there are a few menu’s that are oddly not editable/dockable, the scene Display Filter being one of them. This is the one that let’s you globally Hide or Show Elements in the scene. It’s something I often find myself going to in order to reduce clutter. I’m not sure why I dislike going to that little menu so much, it’s seemingly convenient but I still find myself wanting to dock it and have the buttons visible for quick access. So I went ahead and made this possible through the use of some groundbreaking(laughs) code. Now you are not only able to dock the Display Filters you can even get rid of the ones you don’t want to avoid further clutter! Also feel free to re-order them and put spacing between them for easier readability.


If this is something that interests you hop over to the downloads section and drop the folder into your C4D>Library>Scripts folder then access it from your Script dropdown menu at the top, tear it off, customize it and dock it! Once you have it in it’s own palette you’ll probably want to right click in the menu > Show > Icons, that will hide the unnecessary python icon for each button:) For more help on installation check the youtube video above.

Thanks for stopping by and happy filtering!


    • Hi Roman, when you’re on the freebie page there is a link at the top to subscribe to get access to the downloads section if you already haven’t. You will get an email with the password to all the free stuff on the site.

  1. Hi Mate,
    When I use the script and place it in my ui ( the palette ) I can’t seem to use the standard render for previews. If I undock and close the palette I can render the viewport with the standard render again. Odd. Im using r20.

    • Hey Gregg, that is odd. I haven’t experienced that. Which version of the scripts are you using?

        • when you downloaded it there should have been 2 folders, a R19 and below and an R20 folder. I would try replacing your scripts with the R19 folders scripts if you are having any issues and that should solve it:)

          • Hiya, The r19 version worked thanks for the tip. Although the highlighting and knowing what is pressed is better. Any chance you could look intoi it please. Its a great script, just want the benefit of highlights to aid in knowing whats off etc. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Ben, in C4D if you go to your preferences (Ctrl/Cmd + E) then at the bottom click “Open Preferences” then go to the Library>Layout folder and drop it in there. The next time you restart Cinema you will have a new layout option that has all of the buttons in there for you already:)

    • Maxon listened and actually implemented this as a dockable option natively!
      It’s under the Filter dropdown at the top of the viewport window.

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