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OK C4D users, here’s one that could save your butt some day. We have a freebie called Save-At-Render which is a collection of 3 scripts that add the functionality to save your scene file along with your render file output.

This all happens in the background without you ever having to think about if you remap your hotkey to the script like I did(see video tutorial on how do that). There is one script for Picture Viewer, Team Render, and Adding to the Render Queue. All the original functionality is the same with the added saving of the scene. It will only render if you have both of the “Save” checkboxes in the render setting’s checked, meaning it will only save the scene if you are creating actual files. I urge you to try it out for a bit and see how useful this can be. At worst, you have extra backups of your scene. Once I implemented this into my workflow I was wondering why this isn’t a built-in function in Cinema 4D.


The script is fairly easy to decipher if you are moderately knowledgeable with code. But I am going to release a post breaking down its elements so anyone can not only understand what is going on but can tweak it to their own settings, so check back soon for that. Now, head over to the downloads page and take a peek!