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Drop To Floor has been updated for the new Cinema 4D 2023 release and beyond! The new C4D release uses python 3 which changed some of the code needed to make the plugin function and here we are with the update.

I’ve been hard at work recreating Drop To Floor in python so we don’t have to go without! For those of you unfamiliar with Drop To Floor, it is a one-click plugin that will take any object or hierarchy you select and drop its lowest point to the top of the workplane letting you easily create a floor plane without your object intersecting. This works with any polygon, primitive, generator, deformer, or any other object as well.

Head over to the freebie page and get your copy and end manual positioning to the floor forever!

-Tested and working with C4D R14 – C4D 2023.

Change Log

9-8-2022 – Works in C4D 2023

04-21-22 – Works in release R26

09-09-20 – 1.2 – Updated for C4D Release R23 and up

09-28-18 – 1.15 – Now works correctly with Volume Mesher

09-19-18 – 1.1 – Added Spline Support(if only splines selected), ignores hidden objects, disabled objects, and Boole children for more accurate drops.

08-28-18 – 1.0 – Initial 1.0 Release



    • Hi Mike, funny I was just coming on to update this saying it is in fact compatible and tested with R14-R20. So yes it will! Sorry for the confusion!

  1. Hey thanks for this–doesn’t seem to work with hierarchies (like your bike freebie , for instance).

    • Hi Lance, this brings up something I should have mentioned which is that the plugin will look at hidden objects too, as the old Drop To Floor did. There are objects attached to the bike that are hidden below the model. I did have to delete those hidden objects so it would no longer look at them in the calculation. I have been thinking about changing the functionality of the plugin to only take into account visible objects which would make sense, it just adds another level of complexity to the code plugin itself. But plan on seeing that update soon in the future. Thanks for reaching out on that!

  2. Hey thanks for the update! Any chance you could work in anything like the old DropIt that could drop objects on top of others as an option? No worries, just thought I’d ask.

    • Hi Tim, I am looking into updating Drop It for R20. It’s quite a bit more complex then Drop To Floor but hopefully I can figure it out:) Stay tuned!

  3. thanks so much for this update to drop to the floor I have 19 and 20 installed on my computer and couldn’t find the old drop to the floor anywhere on the web but I remembered I had it saved on the cloud, now that I have 20 I was going nuts without it, this is by far the simplest yet most used plugin

  4. Hi, bro, where I put the plugin in? I can’t find the plugin folder in Cinema 4d R20

    • Depending if your on mac or windows. Mac you go to “Applications>Maxon>C4D R20>Plugins” and windows you go to “C:\Program Files\Maxon\R20\Plugins\” and just drop the plugin folder in there and restart Cinema 4D:)

      • Hello
        I copied that folder to the cinema4d’s plugins folder, and still nothing has happend.
        is there anything I should operate in order to make it work?

        thank you

  5. Thanks! Don’t know what I’d do without it. C4D just doesn’t feel quite right with the trusted DTF plugin in the toolbar. 🙂

  6. hi, I’m newbie student so it might sound stupid but…how can i install this in c4d? i saw two file .pype and .pypv?

    • They changed the way plugins work in R20 so I could definitely see how it would be confusing but in R19 and below there is a “Plugin” folder in the root where the program is but in R20 you can either create the folder yourself OR you once the program is open you can go to the preferences>Plugins and set the location of the folder that your plugins are located. Very handy if you want to share your plugins over a cloud drive. But I’m not sure why they still didn’t leave the default “Plugin” folder in the root:/

  7. Could it please be updated to ignore hidden objects again as it did with R19?

    This would make working with it so much easier. With R19 I just set any nested objects to invisible and clicked the plugin – done. Now I have to delete those objects (or move them elsewhere) to use the plugin and move them back after the parent object was dropped. This is so frustrating… 🙁

    • Hi Mike, it’s actually setup to ignore hidden objects. Can you tell me what objects you have hidden that are still being calculated? If possible send me a scene file with the problem so I can debug if needed. Thanks and sorry you are having trouble:/

    • It is! just sign up for the freebie page and you’ll get the password to access it all(plus Drop to Floor).

  8. Two things:
    1. Thank you! This is a vital plugin in my life : )
    2. You knew there was a request coming :)… It would make my life complete, well – almost, if Drop to Floor worked with C4D workplanes. That is, if I have a arbitary workplane in use, D2F would consider that plane as my floor. Please…

    • Thanks Mike! I like that idea of being able to work with workplanes. I will look into it!

  9. Great Plugin. Thank you.
    Maybe you can make a new one… Drop to next Surface . It would be so much easier to place objects on surface below.
    Books on shelves, things on tables etc.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Michael, I’ve been thinking about adding something like this where the floor can be a user-specified surface:)

  10. Sorry but I’m afraid it doesn’t work for me in R23 (23.008).
    Tested with only this plug-in in place, it doesn’t appear (R23/macOS).
    BTW, it works in S22.

    • Hi Stephan, I’ve only had one other person have an issue and it was because their Mac OS was older. Are you updated to the lastest?
      Feel free to send me a message through the contact form if the issue doesn’t get fixed and I’ll take a look.

  11. Hello i currently have C4D s24 installed. will this plugin work for s24?

  12. PayPal told me that you can’t donate in Korea. I can’t download because it says. What should I do?

    • Hi, you don’t need to donate to download. The message at the top says you need to click on the image to download.
      Let me know if you have any issues. Thanks

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