Render Instant Frame tool against a blurred out background of After Effects

I made this script because I was tired of having to do the whole SaveFrameAs process in After Effects. It exports the frame your currently on instantly to the location you set(desktop is default). The only thing to be aware of is that it only saves PNG images and it will save those with transparency, which could be good or bad depending. If you don’t want transparency just make sure you always have a background present. There is also a custom name field, if that is blank it will name the file the name of the comp with a date/time stamp(to avoid overwriting), but also be careful if you do put a custom name in there that you change it or add a number before you hit save again to avoid overwriting a previously saved file. Otherwise, I find this to be a huge time saver because I save frames a lot! Feel free to make a modification to this to make it more awesome(i’m sure that wouldn’t be hard) but for now this is all I need it to do.

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