Symex Plugin by Merk for Cinema 4D

C4D Plugin: Symex

SYMEX Symex is an object generator plugin that replicates your objects geometry symmetrically in Cinema 4D. It works like a fractal that repeats itself while adding some randomization on top of the mesh to keep things interesting. You can quickly create very detailed structures out of almost nothing. Combine this with some of Merk’s other…

Trypogen 1.5 Generator Plugin For Cinema 4D by Merk

C4D Plugin: Trypogen

TRYPOGEN 2.0 Trypogen is an object generator plugin that creates abstract geometry from objects in Cinema 4D. You can create interesting organic looks with your objects within seconds. With it’s various modes and input sliders you can easily tweak the results to get a wide range of meshes options. Trypogen Core Features Update to work…

Hexagon wave in the Cinema 4D Viewport

C4D Plugin: Topoformer

TOPOFORMER Topoformer (aka Topology Deformer) is a groundbreaking deformer object plugin that alters the topology of your object based on a number of predefined algorithms in the plugin while still keeping your original geometry shape in tact. The plugin features plenty of options to tweak the way each topo type behaves all while in a procedural…

Topowire Plugin by Merk for Cinema 4D

C4D Plugin: Topowire

Topowire 1.2 Topowire is a spline generator plugin for creating wire connections that can be instantly turned into dynamic splines. You can create wires within a single mesh or use topowire to connect multiple elements together. No more headache of lining up spline dynamics and belt objects between your objects! Topowire Core Features Distribute wire…